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Just released: The Song in The Wind


<<…. It was a simple grave. And underneath there was ground. And lots of hungry worms. In a short time, the deeds of Nature would be completed. The last scene of an arid act,  of a screen play written for endless generations of talented actors. The Assassin was missing. For one more time no one has seen his face. The agony of  survival, the agony of domination, the agony of existence.

What was transforming a human into a monster? A moment of havoc? Where this moments the last adversity, what we couldn’t stand before betraying all we believe and love? Or were they the proper excuse,  in the first chance, for the beast to jump out. The beast who was always there, who always ambushed. In which stair has he stopped? Inside the eyes who were watching this grave, you could see love, beauty and faith drawing the most ancient tale of the world … >>